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10 January 2011 – Plovdiv  
Kick-off working meeting: discussion about the finances and activities in the framework of the project

31 January 2011 – Plovdiv  
Working meeting: clarification of the goals and ways of work

14 March 2011 – Plovdiv
Methodological workshop 1: presentations and theoretical discussions on problems related to the intangible heritage, institutions and actors, consumption, tourist products

1 April 2011 – Plovdiv
Methodological workshop 2: presentations and theoretical discussions on topics like intangible heritage, culture of projects, valorization of the heritage, local products and creation of territories, local and global

20-21 May 2011 – Kalofer
Research seminar

12-13 July 2011 – Svilengrad
Student methodological workshop 1
Tutors: Krassimira Krastanova and Dobrinka Parisheva  

15-16 July 2011 – Plovdiv
Student methodological workshop 2
Tutors: Stoyan Antonov and Meglena Zlatkova



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