fieldwork »July 2011 – Svilengrad, village of Momkovo and village of Mezek

July 2011 – Svilengrad, village of Momkovo and village of Mezek
Participants (members of the project team): Krassimira Krastanova, Dobrinka Parusheva
Students: Stoyan Vichev. Georgi Genchev, Katrin Dushkova, Stefana Mincheva, Nadezhda Petrova, Alyonka Piontkevich, Ruslana Racheva, Maria Slavcheva, Neli Chelebiyska

The research was carried out in the village of Momkovo, municipality of Svilengrad, Haskovo region. The goal was to register local culture and cultural heritage the way local people identify them.
The main task assigned to the student expedition was investigation of the intangible cultural heritage in its relationship to the culture of the village in retrospective and nowadays. Special attention was paid to the history of the settlement, places of sociability, relatives networks, culture, festive system, handcrafts, food and eating, the relationship between religious and ethnic communities, etc.  The role and place of the local culture in the contemporary social and economic life was also looked for.


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