Field works » August 2011 – Zlatograd, village of Dolen, village of Startsevo

August 2011 – Zlatograd, village of Dolen, village of Startsevo
Participants: Vera Nikolova, Dobrinka Parusheva


The project members aimed at figuring out what ways of constructing and using heritage were at hand in Zlatograd and some villages in the region. In Zlatograd several meetings with considered as main actors in identifying the heritage were in the focus: people working with the municipal administration and at the museums. Further, the conversations with some hotel owners as well as with the promoter and owner of the Area ethnographic complex turned out to be very rich and useful.

In the villages of Dolen and Startsevo the exchange with some people and particularly with the secretary of the municipal cultural club (chitalishte) in the latter place was in the focus of attention.


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